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et’s  talk about SELF-CARE.

This word gets thrown around a lot and what does it really mean…

“Self-care is the act of refuelling ourselves and attending to our needs.”

This can be a challenging thing to do in a society that values self-reliance and putting others first. In fact, the opposite is true, by taking the time to develop nurturing and nourishing self-care practices, then you will have more energy and resources available to care for and support your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Once you get into a regular routine of self-care, your body and mind will start to relax and trust that its needs will be taken care of by you and so the results will be things like increased well-being, and improved mood, quality of life and relationship skills…

Do any of those benefits sound like a reason to develop a daily self-care routine?

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first, it means me too.

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