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“Cupping” has been used as a therapeutic treatment since ancient times. It was first mentioned in early Egypt but in North America is most closely associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

There are many types of cups which can be used depending on the goal of the client & therapist. They range from being hard cups made of glass, ceramics or hard plastics to softer silicone cups.

Cupping can be used in a stationary fashion, attaching the cup to the surface of the body and leaving it in place for up to 10 minutes. Stationary cupping is effective for relieving trigger points, increasing circulation to a muscle and helping to reduce inflammation in specific areas of the body. 

Cupping can also be used dynamically, the cup is attached to the surface of the body and moved in different lines of pull. Dynamic cupping is great for decreasing inflammation, reducing tension in a muscle as well as reducing fascial restrictions within a muscle belly or between different structures of the body.

Cupping has been shown to help reduce the perception of pain, increase range of motion in a muscle or around a joint, relieve general muscle tension as well as reducing fascial restrictions in a tissue.

At Nest, Jason uses silicone cups because they allow for a more diverse approach to cupping as they can be used both statically and dynamically.

Jason has found cupping to be particularly effective in:

  • Helping to increase the pliability of scars once they have healed leading to greater range of motion
  • Helping to reduce fascial restrictions, especially in the IT Band
  • Helping to reduce inflammation after injury or in chronic presentations such as plantar fasciitis
  • Reducing muscle tension

If you feel cupping might be a helpful addition to your massage treatment please contact us to discuss how it can help you.

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