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As the winter carries on and nighttime continues to set in fairly early, it’s easy to feel those winter blues take hold. Multiple studies have shown that a few weeks of Pilates practice can not only have a positive effect on lessening our winter blues by releasing those lovely “feel-good” brain chemicals, but also increase muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.

Maybe you have never thought of exercise as a stress reduction skill, but the exertion can calm nerves and help your body and mind relax. Yoga and pilates are great ways to move your body.

Movement can help heal the body and the mind so that you can feel your awesome self!

Pilates is offered at 9:30 am on Saturdays and Tuesdays at 7:30 pm.


“Pilates Exercises Influence on the Serotonin Hormone, Some Physical Variables and the Depression Degree in Battered Women” World Journal of Sport Sciences 5 (2): 89-100, 2011

“Dealing with Depression? Here’s how Pilates can help.”

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