Begin Package


There’s no time like today to BEGIN! To try something new, to lean into curiosity, to take the first step on a journey of discovery… Our Begin package of beautiful Halfmoon yoga products will set you up with everything you need for your practice.

The Essential Mat is tried, true, and Halfmoon’s most widely-used mat in their lineup. A standard 4mm thickness allows a moderate cushion, while still being compact enough to take to-and-from the yoga studio with ease. Whether for vinyasa, restorative, pilates or meditation, at home or in the studio, this mat is a core staple for any yoga practice. Colour: Fossil Grey.

The 4″ Foam Yoga Block gives you a mild, medium, or intense lift depending on which end you prop it on. This allows you to have comfort, stability, and grounding throughout your asana practice. These foam blocks are lightweight for easy mobility while you practice and are gentle on the body. Colour: Moonlight.

The 8′ Essential Studio Strap is Halfmoon’s longest Studio Strap. It allows you to find new depths and access improved alignment. Acting as an extension to your arms and reach, this strap is a great tool for every-yogi, both beginner and beyond. The easy cinch buckle allows you to adjust the strap with ease. Colour: Moonlight.


Essential Yoga Mat

4″ Foam Block

8′ Yoga Strap


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