Bolster – Cylindrical


The Cylindrical Bolster facilitates deep chest opening and back bending with it’s 8″ high diameter — the highest of Halfmoon’s bolster lineup. The contoured, ergonomic shape fits perfectly under your knees while lying on your back providing relief for your lower back. Try it horizontally across the shoulder blades while on your back for an upper back extension. Alternatively, try vertical along the spine for deep chest opening and expansion. Find new depths in your posture and breath with a favourite bolster shapes.

Hand stuffed at Halfmoon in Burnaby, Canada.

This product is part of the Halfmoon Essential Cotton Collection and is made of 100% all-natural cotton fibers that resist shrinking, stretching, and are highly durable. This 100% natural plant-derived fiber is biodegradable, easy-to-clean, and breathable making it a perfect studio-friendly core item. The Essential Cotton Collection is all custom-dyed for Halfmoon specifically, making the colours exclusive to the Halfmoon lineup and core colour stories.


Deep Sea

Fossil Grey

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Deep Sea, Fossil Grey


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