Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a self-empowerment tool that can benefit all aspects of your being: physical, physiological, psychological (including the intellectual and wisdom mind), and our common Essence.   

The primary goal of yoga therapy is to restore balance, or to maintain and fortify the existing balance in your health. Yoga therapy is the application of individually selected concepts, principles and techniques of yoga. These are appropriately modified for each individual, in order to bring about a specific therapeutic effect.

Healing Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy has many of the same healing benefits as massage therapy. However, one of the fundamental differences is that it is a daily practice tailored to your unique needs. A therapeutic yoga practice can improve your overall health and self-awareness while reducing tension, enhancing vitality, and strengthening the body-mind connection. This is the basis for self-healing and a more balanced life. Integration of breath, body and mind through deliberate movements and breathing techniques encourages the release of stress to achieve balance and restoration.


At Nest, our yoga therapists are highly skilled in choosing yoga techniques that will address your specific needs and concerns . We will design a practice that is tailored to you and includes 1 – 4  techniques each, with 3-5 functions in order to maximize efficiency and efficacy. Time and space to practice, as well as other lifestyle issues, are taken into consideration when designing a practice .

In addition, yoga therapy tools such as diaphragmatic breathing, breath counting, sound and visualization can be added into massage therapy treatments, to enhance the effect of the soft tissue work.


Pre-Registered Yoga Therapy Classes
coming soon
Two-Hour Restorative with Massage
$85 plus HST